2020 Conference Agenda

AGENDA – Conferences 2020
TBD - Business of Cleans, 2020 - Location: Grand Pacific Ballroom
7:30 AM Business of Cleans Registration Ballroom Foyer
8:00 AM Breakfast Salon E
Session 1 - Market Trends
9:00 AM Introductions, Welcome, Conference Overview Mark Thirsk
9:05 AM The Risks to the Consensus Economic Outlook - and What It Might Mean for Semiconductors Duncan Meldrum Hilltop Economics
9:30 AM Title: TBD Mike Corbett Linx Consulting
10:00 AM Process Control in the Clean Business Jagan Srinivasaraghavan Intel
10:30 AM Break
Session 2 - Industry Trends
11:00 AM Wet Etch Challenges and Innovations Driving Nano-Electronics Scaling Nabil Mistkawi Samsung
11:30 AM Wet Cleans Research and Development for Advanced Semiconductor Technologies Brown Peethala IBM
12:00 PM Lunch Salon E
1:00 PM Title: TBD Dhiman Bhattacharyya Global Foundries
Session 3 - OEM Viewpoint
1:30 PM Post CMP Cleans Evolution and Defect Improvement Approaches Katrina Mikhaylichenko Applied Materials
2:00 PM Challenges and Opportunities of Wet Clean Processes to Enable System Scaling for Al Era Hiroaki Takahashi Screen
Session 4 - Chemical Trends
2:30 PM Business Case for an Integrated Solution Model:  Enabling Multivariate Problem-solving for a Total Cleans Solution Bob Auger Dupont EKC
3:00 PM Control Metal Corrosion During Wet Clean Processing in Advanced Technology Notes Andreas Klipp BASF
3:30 PM Break Salon E
4:00 PM Future Post-CMP Cleaning Challenges Mike White Entegris
4:30 PM Business of Cleans Conference Ends
5:30-7:00 PM Brews and Food - Networking Pike Brewing Co.
1415 1st Ave
TBD - SPCC - Day 1, 2020 - Location: Grand Pacific Ballroom
7:30 AM - on SPCC Registration Ballroom Foyer
8:00 - 9:00 AM Breakfast Salon E
9:00 AM Introductions,  Day 1 Welcome, Conference Overview Mark Thirsk and
Joel Barnett
9:20 AM Keynote: Monolithic Heterogeneous 3D Integration of Germanium PMOS with Si NMOS for Enabling Moore’s Law Scaling and Performance Willy Rachmady Intel
9:55 AM Controlled Isotropic Etches for Gate-All-Around (GAA) Device Architectures Yusuke Muraki TEL
10:15 AM Selective Ge removal from SiGe surface for Si-cap-free SiGe passivation Kurt Wostyn IMEC
10:35 AM Break Ballroom Foyer
11:10 AM Wet Process Development to enable Inner Spacer and Source-Drain Epitaxy Formation for Advanced Stacked Gate-All-Around Nanosheet Integration Muthumanickam Sankarapandian IBM
11:30 AM Dipole Patterning for Nanosheet RMG Oniki Yusuke IMEC
11:50 AM TBD TBD
12:10 PM Selective TiN vs HfOx Etch with BARC Compatibility for 5 and 3nm Node Applications Sherman Hsu Avantor
12:30 PM Lunch Hook & Plow
2:00 PM Invited: Promises and Challenges of Augmented Reality Nihar Mohanty Facebook
2:30 PM Optimization of wet etching process to remove replacement polysilicon gate Parth Vaidya Global Foundries
2:50 PM Defect Reduction for Post Silicon Nitride Deposition Clean in MOL Sector Bing Wu Global Foundries
3:10 PM Trimming Clean using SAPS Megasonic Technology on Xtacking 3D NAND Fuping Chen ACM Research
3:30 PM Break Ballroom Foyer
4:00 PM Wetting of deep hydrophilic nanoholes by aqueous solutions Guy Vereecke IMEC
4:20 PM Wet Etching of SiO2 Film in Narrow Spaces Dai Ueda Screen
4:45 PM Panel Discussion Moderator:
Mike Corbett
Linx Consulting
5:50 PM Wrap Up/Additional Questions/Adjourn Organizers
6:00 - 8:00 PM Networking Reception/Poster Session
(Details at end of agenda)
Salon E
TBD - SPCC - Day 2, 2020 - Location: Grand Pacific Ballroom
8:00 - 9:00 AM Breakfast Salon E
9:00 AM Day 2 Welcome Mark Thirsk and Joel Barnett
9:10 AM Invited:  Title - TBD Naoto Horiguchi IMEC
9:40 AM Surface preparation of Niobium for Superconducting Qubit applications Antoine Pacco IMEC
10:00 AM Wet-chemical Cleaning of Cobalt and Molybdenum for Advanced Interconnects Quoc Toan Le IMEC
10:20 AM Metal Wet Recess Challenges and Solutions for beyond 7nm Fully Aligned Via Integration  Brown Peethala IBM
10:40 AM Break Ballroom Foyer
11:05 AM Optimization of Bevel and Backside BEOL Metal & Dielectric Contamination Removal Devika Sil IBM
11:25 AM Study on PVA Brush Particle Loading and its Conditioning during Post CMP Cleaning Hwi-Won Cho Hanyang University
11:45 AM Mechanisms of Colloidal Ceria Contamination and Cleaning during Oxide Post-CMP Cleaning Nagendra Prasad Yerriboina Hanyang University
12:05 PM INVITED: Economic Uncertainty and the Outlook for Semiconductors Duncan Meldrum Hilltop Economics
12:30 PM Lunch Hook & Plow
12:30 PM Technical Committee Lunch Seaport Boardroom
2:00 PM INVITED: Issues and Challenges with Chemical Quality Jeffrey Hemphill Intel
2:25 PM Development of a Non-Contact Chemical Concentration Monitor Tatsuya Nakahara Horiba
2:45 PM Advanced Purification and Defect Removal from Isopropyl Alcohol Makonnen Payne Pall
3:05 PM The zeta potential of conductive material surfaces: challenges and solutions Thomas Luxbacher Anton Paar
3:25 PM Particle analysis of unpatterned wafers with UNISERS Altun (Ali) Ozhan UNISERS
3:45 PM Student Recognition/Wrap Up/Adjourn Organizers
TBD, 2020 - Poster Session and Networking Reception - Location: Salon E
Total solutions for CMP technologies and processes: ceria ion and particle clean using CMP pads and EKC post-CMP cleaner Jhih-Fong Lin Dupont
Chemical Cost Saving Methods in high Volume Manufacturing Sangita Kumari Global Foundries
Development of Co/Cu Wet-etch Chemistries for BEoL application Joseph Chang Versum
Effect of Dilute Sulfuric-Peroxide-HF (DSP+) Mixture with IPA for Cleaning High-Aspect Ratio Contacts in 3D NAND Kook-Hyun An Hanyang University
Development of HA-free stripper for photoresist/ARC removal Lili Wang Versum
Monitoring of Fluoride in Semiconductor Cleaning Chemicals Chuannan Bai ECI
Isotropic Etches for Nanosheet Device Integration – Wet or Dry? Oniki Yusuke IMEC
Evaluating wet and dry particle deposition methods on semiconductor substrates for nanoparticle removal efficiency testing Chimaobi Mbanaso TEL
Challenges for chemical raw material supplies to semiconductor industry and the solutions Hui Zhou Huntsman
Using Wafer Edge and Bevel Vapor Phase Decomposition Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry for Defect Reduction in High Volume Semiconductor Manufacturing Chris Sparks Air Liquide
Characterization and removal of metallic contamination in process chemicals using Single Nanoparticle ICP-MS Anthony Ozzello Entegris
Removal of trace metals from Isopropyl Alcohol Ashtosh Bhabhe Entegris