CMP Markets & Technologies to The 22nd Node

CMP Market & Technologies to the 22nd Node is the first in series of three CMP reports included in our CMP Consumables and Specialty Abrasives Research Service. This report outlines market opportunities available to chemicals and materials suppliers as a result of strong growth of CMP.  The report examines both current CMP applications as well as the emergence of new applications based on critical technologies around new transistor structures and FEOL materials and processes. 

In addition, the report looks at the impact of various technologies designed to utilize consumables more efficiently, including low slurry flow pads, longer-lived CMP pads and such new tools as the Reflexion® GT® from Applied Materials.

The report also provides forecasts for CMP operations by devices type and process, detailed perspectives on CMP operations for 65, 45, 32 and 22nm process technologies, the impact of emerging technologies, and analyzes supplier positioning. The report concludes with an analysis of business opportunities for wafer fab processing materials.

Linx forecasts the 2010 market for CMP consumables will be $1.3 billion overall. While 2010 is showing extremely strong growth, the market is not expected to catch up to previous highs due to the loss of 200mm wafer capacity, eliminating the demand for certain CMP consumables in spite of strong growth.

The CMP Consumables and Abrasive Service

CMP Markets and Technologies to the 22nd Node is the first in a series of three reports on the CMP market called the CMP Consumables and Abrasive Service. The second report in the series, Specialty Abrasives for CMP 2009-2014 was released in June of 2010 and the third report, Emerging Applications in CMP: TSV and Thinning is scheduled for release in Q3 of 2010. Linx Consulting is offering special pricing for subscribing to all three reports as part of our CMP Consumables and Specialty Abrasives Research Service.

Report Contents

1. Executive Summary

  • Growth in slurries and pads, by application
  • Regional distribution of polishes

2. Methodology

  • List Of Organizations Interviewed
  • Model Schematic

3. Forecast Drivers

• Market Forecast
• Roadmap And Device Assumptions

4. CMP Applications in Wafer Fab

Review of POR, challenges, consumables, and activities of leading fabs for the following  applications to 22nm:

  • Bulk copper
  • Barrier, including Ta/Ru
  • Tungsten

5. CMP Applications in Wafer Fab

  • Oxide
  • STI
  • Emerging

6. CMP Equipment

  • Ebara FREX
  • Reflexion GT
  • Impact of new technologies

7. Market Assessment And Forecasts

  • Overall market for slurries and pads
  • Regional Breakdowns
  • CMP unit operation forecasts:
    • By application
    • By node
    • By device type
    • Pricing Info

8. Supplier Assessment

  • Supplier Landscape
  • Slurry Suppliers
  • Pad Suppliers

9. Business Analysis & Opportunities

  • Growth in Copper
  • Potential impact of low slurry flow and long-lived consumables
  • Structural Industry Challenges

10. Background Data—Unit Ops