Cleaning & Surface Preparation: Technologies and Markets, 2011—2016

Cleaning & Surface prep

Effective cleaning and surface prep has been pivotal to the evolution of the semiconductor industry over the past 40 years. Improvements in materials for removing contaminants and residues from earlier process steps have led to higher yields and enabled new integration schemes.

Cleaning is the most common operation in IC manufacturing, but the challenges in preparing the wafer surface for the next process step continue to increase as contamination is eliminated, material removal limits reduce, and 3 dimensional fine features become more common.

Cleaning and surface preparation processes and markets are influenced by four key areas:

  • Technology – The cleaning challenge continues to increase, and new, smaller device structures and materials will increase the difficulty of preparing the wafer for the next process step.  Wafers processed at >90nm design rules see cost pressures and high barriers to change.
  • Business Environment – Consolidation in both the supply side and customer base is concentrating equipment solutions for cleaning and surface prep, formulations, and end-user decision makers.
  • Environmental Concerns and Regulation – Users are driving to optimize their environmental footprint, both due to corporate responsibility concerns, and governmental regulation.  These concerns are complicated by the global nature of the semiconductor industry.
  • Raw Materials Supply – Continuing volatility in the world economy drives volatility in commodity prices, although of reduced impact on downstream users this favors vertically integrated suppliers.  Margin volatility drives end market prices up.

In Cleaning and Surface Prep Technologies and Markets, Linx evaluates:

  • FEOL clean operations for FEOL PCMP, FEOL critical cleans, and FEOL resist strips
  • BEOL clean operations for Cu backside and bevel cleans, BEOL Cu PCMP, BEOL Cu PERR, BEOL Al PCMP
  • All cleans by node
  • Aluminum BEOL PERR Cleans
  • Copper BEOL PERR Cleans
  • Cu PERR Process Mix
  • PERR Market
  • PMPC Market
  • Wafer RDL & Bump Strip

Cleaning and Surface Prep Technologies and Markets also offers cleaning chemical market share estimates including leading suppliers of:

  • All cleaning chemicals
  • Wet cleaning chemicals
  • Aluminum PERR
  • Advanced Al PERR
  • Cu PERR
  • Advanced Cu PERR
  • Post CMP cleaning

Report Contents

1. Executive Summary

  • 2011—2016 consumption of materials
  • Growth rates by cleaning technology
  • Regional distribution of depositions

2. Methodology and Background

3. Forecast Drivers

  • Segmentation by device type
  • Review ITRS
  • Map unit operations by device type

4. Technology Evolution

  • FEOL Cleans
  • High Dose Implant Strip
  • Al & Cu/LKD PERR and Clean
  • PCMP
  • Packaging Substrate Strip and Clean

5. Forecasts

  • By device type and node
  • 2011—2016

6. Supplier Analysis

  • Supplier share by application