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Chemicals and Materials for Photovoltaic Cells and Modules 2009


Supported by subsidies in Europe and Japan, the flat plate PV industry is breaking out of niche applications and becoming an on-grid alternative. As a polysilicon shortage is resolved with capacity increases, the potential of lower costs per watt, thin-film technologies are now emerging to challenge traditional single and multi-crystalline cells. The report details the forecasted demand for key manufacturing materials in the $2.3 billion materials market for crystalline silicon and thin film PV module manufacture as follows:

PV materials market revenue/$millions

This report will deliver analysis of the industry materials requirements, detailed market forecasts to 2015, analysis of emerging trends, and discussion of opportunities for suppliers of chemicals and materials for photovoltaic cells and modules. This report is an authoritative source of strategic, tactical and forecast information for marketers and executive management for producers and users of these materials.

Report Contents

1. Executive Summary

• Key Trends in Materials Supply for the PV Industry

2. Methodology and Drivers

3. Cell & Module Forecast

• Silicon and wafers
• Thin Film Manufacturing

4. Technology Review

  • Si Growing and Wafering
  • Cell Manufacture
  • Novel Technolgies
  • Thin Film
  • CdTe
  • a-Si and Multi-Junction
  • Moduling
  • Wafer Moduling
  • TF Moduling

5. Market Assessment & Forecasts

• Polysilicon
• Wafering
• Cell Manufacturing Materials - Silicon
• Cell Manufacturing Materials – Thin Film
• Moduling Materials

6. Overall assessment

• Challenges and Opportunities

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