Advanced Patterning, 2008—2013


Photolithographic patterning is a pivotal process in the manufacture of all ICs, and is vital to delivering the density increases and chip area shrinking in most advanced devices. Today, lithography is facing an uncertain future as EUV once touted for HVM by 2012 has now been delayed to 2016, well into the 16nm node. High index lithography, once a promising technology, has fallen out of favor due to issues of costs, technology readiness, and seemingly insurmountable scientific challenges. The immediate implication of these industry shortcomings is that immersion 193nm lithography involving pitch doubling (double patterning) and ancillary resist materials will continue to play a critical role in sustaining Moore’s Law for the next eight years, down to the 22nm node.

Double Patterning

Logic device vendors and research consortia continue to improve and implement immersion lithography in volume manufacturing for 4X nodes. However the path to achieving finer patterns at 3X and 2Xnm nodes remains complex. Interaction between equipment, materials, and processes used in pattern transfer is still a major challenge. Flash vendors have made progress in implementing CVD-based self-aligned double patterning (SADP) based on spacers for 3Xnm, but the path for flash to 2X and 1X nodes remains murky and brings new competitive players and opportunities to what has traditionally been a spin-on market.

The report also quantifies overall supplier shares as well as shares of specific photoresists and ancillary products. Photoresist supplier shares for all products in 2008 are illustrated below:

Photoresist Supplier Share

pie chart of supplier share

Report Contents

1. Executive Summary

• Key Trends In Patterning Materials
• Growth In Materials Markets

2. Methodology

• List of Organizations Interviewed
• Model Schematic

3. Forecast Drivers

• Market Forecast
• Roadmap And Device Assumptions
• Current Manufacturing Status

4. Spin-on Technology Review

• 193nm Photoresist
• Top & Bottom ARCs
• Top Coats
• Multi-Layer Resist
• Spin On Hardmasks
• Underlayers / Spin on Carbon
• Shrink Technology
• Double Patterning
• Double Exposure & Non Linear Materials

5. Vacuum Deposited Technology

• Low Temperature CVD Oxides
• CVD Amorphous Carbon
• Plasma Shrink
• Metal Hardmasks
• CVD Spacers

6. Tools And Emerging Technologies

• 193 Dry Lithography
• 193 Immersion
• Double Patterning
• Double Exposure
• Direct Write
• Nano Imprint

7. Market Assessment And Forecasts

Spin-On Segment Forecasts
• Photoresist
• Spin On Patterning Materials
• Double Patterning

Vacuum Segment Forecasts
• Vacuum Deposited Materials

8. Supplier Assessment

• Market Size And Forecast 
• Supplier’s Shares
• Supplier Landscape
• Material Supplier Profiles

9. Business Analysis & Opportunities

• Market Summary 
• Market Opportunities