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CMP Consumables Market Tops a Record $1.1 Billion in 2005

Boston, Mass., April 21, 2006 – Continued growth in CMP operations has driven the CMP Consumables market to a record $1.1 billion in 2005 according to a recently completed industry analysis report from Linx Consulting.  The report establishes that the global market in 2005 for CMP Slurries and pads was $975 million combined, with the balance being cleaners and conditioners.

These projections are based on findings from CMP Technologies to the 45th Node report issued this week by Linx Consulting.  “Projecting forward, we see the market for slurries and pads utilized in CMP reaching almost $1.8 billion in 2009,” according to Mark Thirsk, Managing Partner at Linx Consulting.  Thirsk sees strong growth being driven by the continued conversion to copper interconnect, especially in increasing metal levels in logic devices and the conversion to copper interconnect in memory devices.  “Clearly, copper will drive CMP consumables for the 65 and 45 nm technology nodes,” Thirsk continues.  “We have developed detailed forecast models that examine CMP operations by device type, including DRAM, Flash, and various logic applications.  For each device category we then further examine the number of CMP operations as they pertain to copper, barrier, tungsten, oxide, STI, and polysilicon polishing applications.  For the first time this provides a very clear picture on where the CMP market is headed.”

Overall Linx Consulting sees the number of CMP operations increasing at about a 15% compound annual growth rate over the next four years.  This year growth will be underpinned by the production at the 130 nm node and continued growth of the 90 nm, whereas in 2008 and 2009 growth will be driven by the ramp of 65 nm device technology.  90 and 130 nm technology will continue to be CMP consumables demand drivers for several years, however.  “Suppliers who have succeeded at 130 and 90 nm processes will continue to realize strong revenues throughout the forecast period,” according to Mike Corbett, Managing Partner at Linx Consulting.  “Market leaders such as Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials with 41% market share, and Cabot Microelectronics, with 28% market share are the largest suppliers in the Pad and Slurry market.”

As part of this report, Linx Consulting also provides forecasts for CMP operations by devices type and application, detailed perspectives on CMP operations for 90, 65, and 45 nm process technologies, the impact of emerging technologies, and analysis of supplier positioning.  Of particular interest is the impact of new suppliers such as slurry producers, including Cheil Industries, who have made inroads in the slurry market in Korea and pad makers, including PPG, Praxair, SKC in Korea, and Toray in Japan.

Linx Consulting is an international consulting firm serving the electronics industry.  CMP TECHNOLOGIES AND MARKETS TO THE 45 NM NODE is the latest in a series of reports designed to assist suppliers of electronic chemicals and materials as well as other value chain participants to better participate in the global electronics industry through the provision of knowledge-based services.