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Linx Consulting Announces Dissolution of Linx-AEI Consulting

BOSTON, MA, November 23, 2011 -- Linx Consulting, the world's leading electronic materials consultant, announced that Linx-AEI Consulting, a joint venture between Linx and Alternative Energy Investing, LLC, has been dissolved. Both parties have decided to pursue separate interests.

"Although we are proud of the work we did with AEI, we have decided to offer our services independently. We look forward to continuing our analysis of the PV market, especially the chemicals and materials used in PV. Our broad-based experience in electronic chemicals and materials and advanced thin film processing gives us a unique perspective of the PV space," said Mark Thirsk, Managing Partner of Linx Consulting.

Linx Consulting will continue to work in the PV space, as well as other areas of thin film processing technology, including semiconductors, flat panel displays, HBLEDs, and advanced electrochemical technologies. PV is still an important part of Linx's overall portfolio as many processes and materials sets overlap across multiple segments in the electronics industry.

Linx Consulting will continue to offer a broad range of services in PV including:

  • Chemicals and Materials for Solar Cells and Modules
  • IP Analysis
  • Continued insights on PV Market Performance and Evolution
  • Perspectives on the evolving mix of different cell technologies
  • Single client consulting services:
    • Market assessments
    • Process technology assessment
    • Strategic planning
    • M&A

Linx Consulting LLC is the world's leading electronic materials consulting firm serving the semiconductor, photovoltaics and electronics industries worldwide. Linx applies unique insights to create knowledge at the intersection of advanced thin film processing and performance chemicals and materials. Linx develops industry reports as well as custom reports and performs other consulting services to the electronic materials industry.