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Long-Term Semiconductor Industry Forecasting Service

Linx Consulting has partnered with IC Knowledge, the world leader in cost modeling for the semiconductor and MEMS industries, to develop insights about growth opportunities and likely paths of industry evolution in the global semiconductor industry as part of the Long-Term Semiconductor Industry Forecasting Service.

The Long Term Semiconductor Industry Forecasting Service provides unique tools to help value chain participants develop and plan for different scenarios for the commercial implementation for the entrance of 450mm and EUV into high volume manufacturing as well as understand the impact of each event on specific businesses.

The Semiconductor Industry Forecast Service forecasts long-term silicon demand and examines the number of new fabs needed per year to keep up with the underlying silicon demand estimates, as illustrated below:

new fabs by year

Then, based on user defined inputs, it provides a breakdown of the new fabs (cumulative) by wafer size, including 300mm and 450 mm, as illustrated below:

fabs by device

The service can then populate each (type of) fab with relevant tool sets to help define total available markets for tools and consumables and critical infrastructure items.

The service can also track lithography half pitch trends and develop scenarios around the introduction of EUV lithography technology in high volume manufacturing.  This information helps us develop the number of mask steps required by device type at a particular HP, as shown below:

asic mask count

This is a critical data set that would be required to calculate the demand for lithography techniques and consumables.  To take it further, this type of analysis can be conducted for other consumable sets including CMP, advanced thin films and process chemicals, etc.

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