Chemicals & Materials for Photovoltaic Cell & Modules—2010

Driven by the recent collapse in module pricing and the relentless drive to achieve grid parity, cell producers are looking to continuously reduce costs through the implementation of new materials and manufacturing processes as follows:

materials market 

This report will deliver an analysis of emerging architectures and manufacturing technologies as well as the materials necessary to meet the cost reduction goals. It is an authoritative source of strategic, tactical and forecast information for marketers and executive management for producers and users of these materials.

CHEMICALS & MATERIALS FOR PHOTOVOLTAIC CELLS AND MODULES 2010 will be an industry analysis report of approximately 200 pages electronically delivered in PowerPoint format. To develop this report, Linx will conduct extensive primary and secondary research, and conduct interviews with supply chain participants and end users.

Preliminary Draft of Report Contents

1. Executive Summary

    • Key Trends in Materials Supply for the PV Industry

2. Methodology and Forecast Drivers

    • Segmentation by device
    • Discussion of leading technology developers
    • Review ITRS Roadmap
    • New requirements and technologies
    • Review trends in manufacturing
    • Map unit operation model

3. Cell & Module Forecasts

4. Emerging Technology Review

    • Crystalline Si Manufacturing Process Improvements
    • Crystalline Si Cell Architecture Improvements
    • Crystalline Si Moduling Improvements
    • Thin Film Moduling Improvements

5. Market Assesment and Forecasts

    Materials Forecasts by Operation:
    • Silicon wafer supply
    • Silicon Cells
    • Thin Film Cells
    • Modules