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New Supply Chain Optimization Service Improves Supplier Quality and Consistency of Semiconductor manufacturing Supply Chain

Boston, Mass., July 8, 2013 — A new supply chain optimization service from Linx Consulting, the premier consultant to the electronic materials industry, creates quality requirements for electronic materials suppliers to improve supplier quality.

Linx Supply Chain Optimization Service addresses the strategic quality requirements of electronic materials suppliers serving the advanced semiconductor manufacturing market segment. The new service improves supplier quality by providing participants with guidance and clarity of end-user expectations to meet the strategic requirements of supplying to advanced electronics end-users.

“This new service drives changes that transform the perception of quality from quality as a cost center, to a quality a differentiator that customers are willing to pay for. Improving quality can bring a company from a bulk vendor to a world class supplier,” said Mark Thirsk, Managing Partner of Linx Consulting.

The current market trend is to push supplier quality into the supply chain to avoid costly in-FAB excursions.  Suppliers are being directed to pre-emptively qualify multiple aspects of their supply chains.  Some companies are developing firewalled, confidential, collaborative programs shared with a select few materials suppliers, while others are demanding more information with an expectation of supplier transparency for across their entire supplier base.

Linx supply chain optimization services include:

  • Organizational training of expectations for supplying to advanced electronics end users
  • Quality system auditing or pre-audit assessment
  • Supplier quality system benchmarking
  • Quality/Product Management system set-up or augmentation
  • Excursion management

Supply chain optimization allows companies to compete for business from advanced electronics manufacturers by improving product line management. Linx Supply Chain Optimization Service provides the data required by end-users to assess and select the materials supplier as a strategic partner for next generation materials development.

Linx offers supply chain optimization services to companies at all levels in the value chain. End-users, prime suppliers and sub suppliers all need help establishing and maintaining quality systems to improve the value chain.

Linx Consulting is the world’s leading electronic materials consulting firm, serving the semiconductor, photovoltaics, and electronics industries worldwide. The firm develops unique insights and creates knowledge at the intersection of advanced thin film processing and performance chemicals and materials.