2022 SPCC Conference Agenda

2022 Surface Preparation and Cleaning Conference
Monday, October 17, 2022
7:30 AM Breakfast
8:45 AM Introductions, Day 1 Welcome. Conference Overview Mark Thirsk
Joel Barnett
Linx Consulting
Tokyo Electron
9:05 AM Keynote: Searching for Sustainability in the AI microelectronics Industry Dean Freeman FTMA
9:45 AM Invited: Particle Pecursors - a Nonobvious Source of Defectivity Gary Van Schooneveld CT Associates
10:10 AM Correlation Between Aerosolization Based Metrology and Enhanced Surface Scanning Derek Oberreit Kanomax FMT
10:30 AM Break
10:55 AM Wet Process Challenges with 3D NAND Scaling Erica Ng Micron
11:20 AM Diffusing Chemistry into High Aspect Ratio Microstructures via Vacuum Technology Ismail Kashkoush Akrion
11:40 AM Development of Wet Etchant for Filling Material Removal to Enable 3D NAND Process Aiping Wu EMD Electronics
12:00 PM A Novel Selective Adsorption Polymer to Silicon Nitride Enables Etching Selectivity Control in HF and BHF Etching Kenji Mochida Daicel
12:20 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Keynote: Challenges in Defectivity, Detection and Analytical Metrology Archita Sengupta Intel Corporation
2:10 PM Invited: Wafer Analysis for Contamination Victor Chia Air Liquide
2:35 PM Nanolift Particle Removal Process – Polymer Film Structure Study and Film Queuing Influence on Removal Thomas Mercadier STM
2:55 PM Characterization of Impurities from Incoming PVA Brush for Sub 10 nm Post CMP Cleaning Process Kwang-Min Han Hanyang University
3:15 PM Ti Ion Contamination and Removal Mechanism During the W CMP Process Palwasha Jalalzai Hanyang University
3:35 PM Break
4:00 PM Invited: Water and Other Chemicals: Environmental Concerns for Semiconductor Processing Julia Goldstein JLFG Communications
4:25 PM Sustainable, Highly-efficient Water-based and NMP-free Through Silicon Vias Cleaning for Quantum Computer Interconnects Integration Alexander Breul Intelligent Fluids
4:45 PM Sustainable Wet Photoresist Removal for Compound Semiconductor Fabrication with Improved Manufacturability Pradeep Waduge Macom
5:05 PM Hydroxylamine Free Formulation Development for Post Etch Residue Cleaning Laisheng Sun EMD Electronics
5:25 PM Wrap Up/Additional Questions/Adjourn Organizers
6:00 PM Networking Reception / Poster Session Mark Thirsk
Joel Barnett
Linx Consulting
Tokyo Electron
Tuesday, October 18, 2022
7:30 AM Breakfast
9:15 AM Day 2 Welcome Organizers
9:30 AM Keynote: The Sustainability Challenge: Wet Etching and Surface Cleaning for Device Z-scaling Ian Brown SCREEN
10:00 AM SiGe Selective Etch for the Formation of Dielectric Isolations in Monolithic CFET Pallavi Puttarame Gowda Imec
10:20 AM Selective Wet Chemical Etching of Si1-xGex in HNO3: HF: H2O Henan Zhang Tokyo Electron
10:40 AM Highly Selective Dry Etching Process for the Removal of SiGe Layers for the Enablement of Stacked Nanosheet Gate-All-Around Transistor Architectures Ivo Otto Tokyo Electron
11:00 AM Break
11:25 AM Single Wafer Pattern Collapse Evaluations XiuMei Xu Imec
11:45 AM Nanosheet RMG Workfunction Metal Patterning Towards CFET Kenneth Lai Imec
12:05 AM Ru Post Etch Residue Removal by Wet Cleans Shan Hu Tokyo Electron
12:25 PM Lunch
2:00 PM Invited: Wet Cleans and Surface Preparation for Augmented Reality (AR) Device Fabrication: Challenges and Novel Technology Developments Dennis Oriero META
2:25 PM Silicon Etching utilizing Near-Infrared and H2 Mitigation in MEMS Applications Ismail Kashkoush Akrion
2:45 PM Through Silicon Vias Cleaning for Quantum Computer Interconnects Integration Harold Le Tulzo Technic
3:05 PM Break
3:30 PM Characterization of Silicon Anisotropic Wet Etching, via Ammonium Hydroxide (NH4OH) Aqueous Solution, Selectively to SiO2 Emilie Prevost ST Micro Electronics
3:50 PM Extreme Silicon Thinning For Back Side Power Delivery Network Application: Need For a Highly Selective Alkaline Silicon Etch Stopping On SiGe Etch Stop Layer Farid Sebaai Imec
4:10 PM Development of UV-assisted Electrochemical Etching Rintaro Higuchi Tokyo Electron
4:30 PM Atomic Layer Etching and Cleaning of Al2O3 from Gold Substrates Measured Using in situ Auger Electron Spectroscopy Andrew S Cavanagh University of Colorado
4:50 PM Wrap Up/Additional Questions/Adjourn Organizers
1 Poster: Glass Wafer Backside Opaque Layer Removal on 300mm Fabrication Tool for Advanced Packaging Kenneth Lai Imec
2 Poster: Sustainable Reclaim Mode Solutions for TiN Hardmask Etching and Post Etch Residue Removal in advanced BEoL Andreas Klipp BASF
3 Poster: Surface Nanoparticle Monitoring for Plasma Etching Chamber Components using Single Particle- Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectrometry (SP- ICP-MS) Lisa Mey-Ami Airliquide
4 Poster: New Paradigm for Filtration of sub-10nm Particles in Wet-Etch-and-Clean Chemicals Wilson WS Poon WL Gore
5 Poster: Advanced Filtration Products with Higher Flow and Faster Start-Up Time for Next-Generation Semiconductor Processing Technologies Varun Vakharia Pall
6 Poster: Case Study of Huntsman Quaternary Ammonium Hydroxide (QAH) Performance for Semiconductor Applications Victoria White Hunstman
7 Poster: Optimization of Dummy Poly-silicon Removal in High-k Metal Gate Process Sally Ann Henry ACM Research
8 Poster: Advanced Solutions for Improved post-CMP Cleaning Applications Katie Gramigna Dupont
9 Poster: Elimination of Surface Particles with Parallel Streak Signature by Optimizing Post CMP Cleans Jomel Desamito Global Foundries
10 Poster: Enhanced post-CMP Cleaning of SiC using Megasonic Activated Chemistries Mantas Miliauskas Lewis University