2024 SPCC Conference Agenda

2024 BIC/SPCC Agenda
Tuesday, April 23, 2024
7:30 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM "Conference Welcome Scenario Planning Introduction" Mark Thirsk - Linx Consulting
Duncan Meldrum - Hilltop Economics
9:20 AM Macroeconomic Trends Stephanie Guichard - The Conference Board
10:00 AM Vote 1
10:10 AM Geoplitical Trends Matt Gertken - SVP BCA Research
10:50 AM Coffee Break
11:20 AM A view from Taiwan Andy Tuan - Linx Consulting
11:50 AM Vote 2
12:00 PM Technology Trends Mike Corbett - Linx Consulting
12:30 PM Vote 3
12:40 PM LUNCH
2:00 PM Regional Trends Mark Thirsk - Linx Consulting
2:30 PM Vote 4
2:40 PM Chip Scale Packaging Mark Berry - COT-NPI Group LLC
3:50 PM OEM Viewpoint Ian Brown - VP Screen SPE US
4:20 PM IDM Viewpoint Jeff Hemphill / Archita Senguphta - Intel
4:50 PM Model Summary Mark Thirsk - Linx Consulting
Duncan Meldrum - Hilltop Economics
5:30 PM Conference End
5:30 PM Happy Hour Organizers
7:00 PM Day End
Wednesday, April 24, 2024
7:30 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Introductions, Day 1 Welcome. Conference Overview Mark Thirsk
Joel Barnett
9:20 AM Keynote: Challenges and Trends of Wet Clean Process in Semiconductor Technologies Hyosan Lee
10:00 AM Highly Uniform PolySi Channel Etch Jack Ke
10:20 AM Dummy Poly Gate Etch Clean Challenges in Advanced Nanosheet Devices M. Sankarapandian
10:40 AM BREAK
11:10 AM High Selective Wet Etching of different SiGe Layers for CFET Structures with Selectipur E-2504 Solution Francisco Lopez
11:30 AM Etching of tungsten via a combination of thermal oxide formation and wet chemical oxide dissolution Antoine Pacco
11:50 AM Molybdenum Wet Etchant with Dual Dissolver System for 3D NAND Fabrication Chia-Wei Wang
12:10 PM PN boundary scaling by suppression of lateral etching of WF metal Dai Ueda
12:30 PM LUNCH
2:00 PM Keynote Intel: Contamination Monitoring on Photomask Substrates with TXRF Sergey Mezhenny
2:40 PM Plasma-based Dry Clean Process Monitoring by Exhaust Gas Analysis with ToF-MS Minhyoung Kim
3:00 PM A Study on the Causes of Carbonly Sulfide Residue by Etching and Cleaning Process Interaction Youngeun Kim
3:50 PM Changes in Surface Chemical Characteristics of 4H-SiC for Better Cleaning Performance Yoon-Ji Ra
4:10 PM Is ultrahigh vacuum technology potential approach to prepare industrial Si surfaces? Elmira Jahanshahrad
4:30 PM Performance characterization of surface enhanced particle sizing for reliable detection of sub-10nm particles on 300mm wafer Ali Ö. Altun
4:50 PM Insights into Water Affinity of Non-Volatile Residue Particles Generated from Aerosolized Ultrapure Process Chemicals Derek Oberreit
5:10 PM Wrap Up/Additional Questions/Adjourn
5:30 PM Networking Reception/Poster Session Organizers
7:30 PM Day 1 End
Thursday, April 25, 2024
7:30 AM Breakfast
9:15 AM Day 2 Welcome David Maloney
9:15 AM Keynote Jin-Goo Park
9:50 AM Extreme Silicon Thinning For Back Side Power Delivery Network Application Si Thinning Stopping on Scaled SiGe Etch Stop Layer Farid Sebaai
10:10 AM Backside metallic contamination removal focused on noble metals using an halogen-based solution Marie-Claire Pignié
10:30 AM BREAK
10:55 AM Superiority of Bevel Nozzle Dispense Spin over Backside Center Dispense Spin for Wafer Bevel Cleaning Insights from Computational Fluid Dynamics Rencheng Dong
11:15 AM Investigation of the water scatter in single cleaning process by deriving a splash parameter Seunghyeon Baek
11:35 AM Effect of SDS Surfactant in H2 DIW on Cavitation Bubble Dynamics in Ultrasonic and Megasonic Fields Mir Jalal Khan
11:55 AM The Intersection of Semiconductors and Governments Increased Funding, Support…and Regulations Kevin J. McLaughlin
12:15 PM LUNCH
1:50 PM Keynote - Sustainability Opportunities for A Diverse and Secure Fluorinated Material Supply Chain Christine McGuiness
2:25 PM Real time analysis of ppt levels of organics in UPW Suhas Ketkar
2:45 PM Quantitation of Potential Critical Organic Contaminants from Polymer Components Larry Zazzera
3:05 PM Modeling and Simulation of Boron Removal from Water using n-Methylglucamine Ashutosh Bhabhe
3:25 PM Efficient wet stripping of Photo Resist by UV Flood-Exposure Amaia Diaz De Zerio
3:45 PM Wrap Up/Additional Questions/Adjourn Organizers
3:55 PM Day 2 End
Development of Sustainable Pyrrolidinone-Based Solvents for Wet CleaningChihhung Ko Eastman
Wet Etching Mechanism of Ruthenium Effect of OxidantHwan Park Sungkyunkwan University
Study of Quaternary Ammonium Hydroxide (QAH) for Photoresist ApplicationsHui Zhou Huntsman
Use of Hybrid metrology approach to develop holistic filtration solutions in Hydrogen PeroxideKusum Maharjan Entegris
Conjointly address stringent device specifications, long bath life considerations, and HSE/ESG standards for specific copper seed wet etching applicationsHarold le Tulzo Technic
A Copper (Cu) Post-CMP Cleaning Formulation For Both Wafer and Pad CleanJacky Cheng DuPont
Enhanced Surface Activation through Advanced Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor DeliveryAdrian Alvarez RASIRC
Application of TMAH In Semiconductor Wet EtchingKai Liu ACM
Development of a wafer heating stage for thermal desorption spectrometryXiaoyu Zou AirLiquide Balazs
Hydroxylamine-free Chemistry for Sustainable Alternatives in Aluminum Post Etch Residue Removal ApplicationsPei-Sung Hung DuPont
Reduced Chemical Consumption and Metal Loss for Polymer Clean by Batch SprayBernhard Hammerl Sicconex
Hsinfu Teng Fudan University