Linx Conferences

Linx Conferences

As the premiere electronic materials consultant to the semiconductor industry, Linx is involved in many semiconductor industry events.

Linx began managing the Surface Preparation and Cleaning Conference (SPCC) in 2016. Started by Sematech in 1998, he SPCC has been at the forefront of surface preparation and cleaning technology for over 20 years.  SPCC offers a unique opportunity for IC manufacturers, equipment makers, chemical and material suppliers, metrology and process monitoring suppliers, and researchers to hear presentations on cutting edge research cleaning technologies for the electronics industry. The scope of the conference encompasses front-end, back-end, equipment, materials, metrology, and equipment developments and issues in wafer cleaning.

In 2019 the Electronic Specialty Gas Conference was launched to provide a forum of engagement and learning around the market, technology trends and market drivers for electronic gases. This annual conference includes sections focusing on developments in the bulk, rare and specialty gas markets that are critical to the continued growth of the electronics industry. The conference is designed for executives, buyers, product managers, and strategic planners from the electronic gases value chain including end-users, producers, and equipment suppliers. The conference features knowledgeable experts in the industry, who understand the key developments and challenges unique to this market.

In October 2022 the Business Interface Conference will be introduced. This one day conference between SPCC and ESG replaces The Business of Cleans Conference that had been added in 2018. This conference will appeal to participants attending both Conferences. It will provide critical insights on the semiconductor industry outlook and evolving industry dynamics as well as review key intersection and cross over points between advanced wet and dry processes, systems, and technologies.

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