Linx Conferences

Linx Conferences

As the premiere electronic materials consultant to the semiconductor industry, Linx is involved in many semiconductor industry events, including the Strategic Materials Conference in Half Moon Bay and CMPG Users Group at Semicon West. In 2015, Linx began managing the Surface Preparation and Cleaning Conference (SPCC) when Sematech stopped supporting the conference in 2015. Linx continued to manage SPCC in 2016 and 2017, expanding the conference to include the Post CMP Cleaning Conference in 2017.

Linx Conferences, a division of Linx Consulting, was established in 2017 to manage technical conferences focused on electronic materials technology. In 2018, Linx Conferences launched Linx Cleaning Conferences, which included the SPCC as well as a new conference entitled the Business of Cleans. The Business of Cleans focuses on the business side of the cleaning business and complements the technical aspects of the business.

Linx Cleaning Conferences

Linx Cleaning Conferences, established in 2018, cover all aspects of the surface preparation and cleaning  business in two parts:

  • Surface Preparation and Cleaning Conference (SPCC) — The SPCC has been at the forefront of surface preparation and cleaning technology for over 20 years. Started by Sematech in 1998, Linx Consulting partnered with the SPCC Technical committee to manage the business end of the conference in 2016. The conference has thrived under Linx management and continues to grow.
  • The Business of Cleans — The Business of Cleans covers the business end of the cleaning business. Started in 2018, this conference was well-received as a complement to the SPCC and will continue as an integral part of Linx Cleaning Conferences.

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