CMP Specialty Abrasives

Specialty Abrasives for CMP

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As the industry changes, the introduction of Novel transistor structures such as FinFETs are are enabling many new CMP process steps with unique slurry requirements for selectivities, purity levels and defectivity. Traditional CMP steps such as copper and barrier are also changing, in materials planarized as well as process requirements.

These new requirements, along with the trend towards lower abrasives content and emphasis on the chemo component of CMP instead of mechanical aspects, are reshaping the abrasives industry. This new report allows companies to understand the impact of the change and plan for it.

The demand for specialty abrasives for CMP applications has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, as illustrated below:

Specialty Abrasives in CMP

This report analyzes emerging CMP processes and materials with emphasis on the trends for abrasives. Additionally, we forecast abrasive demand using the Linx Materials Models, access key suppliers, and detail potential business opportunities.

Report Contents

1. Executive Summary
  • CMP Slurry demand, 2016-2021
  • CMP Abrasive demand, 2016-2021
  • Abrasives forecast by type
  • ASPs
  • Leading suppliers and buyers
2. Methodology
  • Abrasives Allocation by Application and Node
3. Forecast Drivers
  • Slurry Market
  • Technology Roadmap
  • Wafer Market Forecast
  • ITRS
4. CMP Applications to 11nm, Slurries & Emerging Technologies
  • Copper bulk
  • Barrier
  • Tungsten
  • Oxide and Polysilicon
  • STI and Ceria-based
  • Emerging applications
  • Silicon wafer polishing, by wafer size
    • Stock
    • Final
5. Abrasives Demand Forecasts 2016-2021 (MT & US$, by node & by application) by abrasives type:
  • Colloidal silica
  • Intermediate grade colloidal silica
  • High purity colloidal silica
  • Fumed silica
  • High PSD fumed silica
  • Ceria
  • Alumina
6. Abrasive Supplier & Buyer Assessment
  • Key suppliers
  • Key supply chain relationships
  • Key buyers
  • New entrants/technologies
7. Business Analysis & Opportunities
  • Market summary
  • Abrasives by application
  • Industry concentration
  • Quality requirements
  • Conclusions