CMP Technologies and Markets

CMP Technologies and Markets to the 5nm Node

The eight edition of CMP Technologies and Markets will identify and focus on growth drivers for CMP applications and forecasts consumables demand to 2022.

Driven by a strong 2017, the CMP slurry and pad market has finally returned to higher growth rates across both 200mm and 300mm platforms. In addition, new applications for CMP are emerging also helping to drive growth. One key emerging application is in 3DNAND and shown below:

CMP Staircase

In addition, the positive impact of new CMP applications in both planar and multi-gate structures as well as 3D NAND are positively impacting the demand for CMP slurries and pads. Novel materials such as cobalt liners, bulk cobalt fills and possibly new barrier materials will lead to new materials being planarized.

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Report Contents

1. Executive Summary
  • Manufacturing Challenges
  • Device Roadmaps
  • Slurry and Pad Forecast
  • Defectivity
  • Impact of 450mm
2. Methodology
  • Methodology
  • Econometric Semiconductor Forecast
  • Model Schematic
3. Forecast Drivers
  • Market Forecast
  • Roadmap and Device Assumptions
4. CMP Applications in Wafer Fab BEOL
  • Complete P1, P2, P3 (as applicable) assessment
  • Review of POR, challenges, consumables, and activities of leading fabs for the following  applications to 22nm:
    • Bulk Copper
    • Barrier
    • Tungsten
    • Cobalt
5. CMP Applications in Wafer Fab
  • Oxide
  • Ceria
  • Polymers
6. CMP Applications — Emerging
  • Complete P1, P2, P3 (as applicable) assessment
  • Si FinFET
    • STI
    • Poly
    • Gate Open
    • Metal Gate
    • Self-Aligned Contact
    • Contact Metal 0
  • Planar Transistors
  • 3D NAND
  • Other Advanced Memories
  • Ge and III-V FinFET, MG and M0
7. Market Assessment and Forecasts
  • Overall market for slurries and pads
  • 300mm CMP unit operation forecasts by:
    • Application
    • Node
    • Device type
  • Pricing Info
8. Supplier Assessment
  • Supplier Landscape
  • Slurry Suppliers
  • Pad Suppliers