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Custom Services

Linx Consulting can work with you to design a custom report for your company to address your unique decision-making needs. We can help you gather the information you need to develop the right strategies to help your company grow.

The process begins with defining the project’s scope and anticipated results. After the project is clearly defined, Linx Consulting will prepare a proposal outlining the project’s steps and methodology. We will work with you closely, guiding you through each phase of the process to ensure that we deliver the results you are looking for.

Linx Custom Services

M&A/Due Diligence

A service that helps our clients identify, understand and manage risks involved in a merger or an acquisition. Whether you are interested in expanding geographically or investing in technologies, growth through M&As is full of risk. Knowing and understanding the risk associated with your investment is the first step to success. Through interviews with both competitors and customers, we’ll be able to provide you with an independent assessment of your target candidate, red-flag any hidden dangers, and evaluate its real potential.

Diversification and Expansion

Customized approaches to strategic planning efforts allow efficient processes that are rigorous and thorough.  Linx includes both an inside-out and outside-in view to give clients a better understanding of the value propositions and core competences within the enterprise improving the quality of decision-making results.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is a strategic business function. We provide a variety of competitive intelligence services aimed at supporting company competitive intelligence processes. Linx will help you integrate and use competitive and marketing intelligence in your business, marketing, and strategic planning processes.  Competitor research will help fill gaps in your knowledge on what competitors have been doing, are doing or even could be doing. It will enable you to confirm or refute rumors and uncover the truth about what is happening in your competitive environment. Our competitor profiles provide in-depth analysis on competitor firms, enabling you to build a complete picture that can be used in your strategic planning processes. Our competitor monitoring service is aimed at helping you keep up-to-date on your competitor's activities.

Market Analysis

Our market analysis generally looks at the following issues in a particular market sector:

  1. Size and segmentation

  2. Suppliers and share

  3. Market dynamics and trends

  4. Value chain

  5. Market outlook

Market Forecasting and Modeling/ Cost of Ownership Analyses

Using sophisticated modeling techniques, we help you forecast what the market will look like in the future. We explore both bottom-up and top-down approaches thoroughly to ensure the validity of the models and the assumptions.  Market size, growth and segmentation changes are accurately determined, as well as an understanding of the Cost of Ownership dynamics and potential scenarios as new technology is introduced.

Technology Assessment and Commercialization

Our technology assesment and commercialization service identifies and realistically determines the commercial potential for specific technologies and products across a wide range of commercial and competitive environments. This service has provided invaluable assistance to a broad range of major clients in accurately deploying their commercial development resources.

Customer Perception and Satisfaction

To optimize partnership performance and maintain a close understanding of quality and service performance, it is critical to understand how customers perceive the company.  Although most customers supply scorecards, it is almost impossible to compare this feedback due to format differences.  To augment such data and extend the comparison to include competitor comparisons, independent periodic surveys allow trend comparisons and targeting of improvement initiatives including:

  • Key customer demands and their relative importance

  • Supplier performance in relation to customer demands

  • Perception alignment between supplier and customer in terms of demands and performance

  • Performance relative to competitors

  • Progress analysis

  • General performance perception analysis