SPCC 2022 Call for Papers

SPCC 2022 Call for Papers

June 1 deadline

Linx Conferences, which include the SPCC, Business Interface and ESG Conferences, will be held in person in 2022, from Monday, October 17 through Friday, October 21. We look forward to seeing each of you at Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, AZ. Registration for all three conferences will be open on our website on March 1, 2022.

Surface Preparation & Cleaning Conference

The SPCC Conference 2022 will address current and anticipated challenges facing the surface preparation and cleaning industry. The presentations target cutting edge research cleaning technologies for the electronics industry and encompass front-end, back-end, equipment, materials, metrology, and equipment developments and issues in wafer cleaning.

Global semiconductor manufacturers, suppliers, researchers, and students are encouraged to submit abstracts in all aspects of advanced cleaning and surface preparation, including but not limited to the topics listed below. Technical presentations may include new experimental work and findings or subject area reviews in wet processes and surface preparation.

  • Cleaning challenges associated with advanced memory technologies, including pattern collapse, selective etching, particle removal and surface preparation in DRAM, 3D-NAND, and Emerging Memories.
  • Challenges associated with wet and dry cleaning, surface preparation, and controlled removal of materials associated with advanced Logic structures – including FinFET, Nanosheets and both horizontal, and vertical Nanowire devices.
  • New surface preparation approaches to enable More-than-Moore process scaling.
  • Defect/particle reduction techniques for advanced CMOS or automotive devices.
  • Reduction of environment, safety, health impacts
  •  Surface preparation and clean challenges associated with Ge, III-V, GaN, SiC and 2D systems.
  • Multi-metal post etch cleans challenges in FEOL, BEOL and emerging memory
  •  Post CMP cleaning challenges
  •  Metal and low-κ dielectric related cleaning and ashing issues for 3D and advanced interconnect
  • Unique challenges associated with advanced, optical, and EUV mask cleaning, including surface preparation and treatment for resist adhesion enhancement
  • Control of contamination during cleaning, fabrication, exposure, storage, and transport of substrates and masks
  • Challenges associated with providing high purity water and chemicals and the associated delivery systems.
  • Analytical techniques relevant to surface preparation.
  • In-situ monitoring techniques and statistical process control of cleaning or wet processes.
  • Advances in trace particle and metal detection metrology on wafer and in-situ.
  • The effect of surface preparation on electrical/device performance.
  • Surface finishing in relation to packaging, such as bondpad corrosion.
  • Surface preparation and passivation challenges in photovoltaic, MEMS, and nanoelectronics.

Abstract Submissions for SPCC – deadline June 1, 2022

Abstracts in (MS Word or PDF only) should be two-page (maximum) and include the selected topic and relevant data. Authors are also invited to expand their papers for submission to a special peer reviewed edition of the Microelectronics Engineering to be published after the conference. Only full papers submitted by June 1, 2022 will be considered for publication. When submitting an abstract, please indicate if you also plan to submit a full paper for this publication.

Final presentations will be due on September 16, 2022.

Submit abstracts to joel.barnett@us.tel.com by June 1, 2022

Electronic Specialty Gas Conference

The Electronic Specialty Gas Conference 2022 will spotlight issues pertaining to the manufacture, storage, delivery, use and abatement of specialty gases and materials that are essential to the microelectronics industry.

The conference agenda includes talks from industry leaders and experts representing a wide range of perspectives. We look forward to meeting in person this year and the opportunities for networking and supporting the conference sponsors.

Business Interface Conference

The Business Interface Conference 2022 will be hosted between the SPCC and ESG Conferences. The Business Interface Conference is designed to appeal to participants attending both Conferences. It will provide critical insights on the semiconductor industry outlook and evolving industry dynamics as well as review key intersection and cross over points between advanced wet and dry processes, systems, and technologies.