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Linx Consulting Adds Supply Chain Optimization and Electronic Chemicals Expert to Management Team

Kyle Flanigan Ph.D.Boston, Mass., July 8, 2013 —Linx Consulting, the premier consultant to the electronic materials industry, has added Kyle Flanigan, Ph.D. to the firm’s management team as director.

Dr. Flanigan has over 17 years of experience in advanced materials development with a focus on bringing new materials and products to the market and expanding into adjacent markets to capture opportunistic revenue.

“This is a big step for us. Adding another consultant broadens our capabilities, allowing us to offer a brand new Supply Chain Optimization Service to the semiconductor industry. Kyle’s expertise in supply chain optimization has helped us address the needs of all supply chain participants” said Mark Thirsk, Managing Partner, Linx Consulting.

Dr. Flanigan has led development, scale-up and HVM ramp activities for suppliers to the semiconductor, PV and LED markets for the past ten years. As a key member of Intel’s FAB Materials Operations, Dr. Flanigan participated in the development of many of the strategies & tools used by Tier 1 manufacturers to assess the strength of their suppliers.

Previous to Linx, Kyle was Global Marketing Director at Avantor Performance Materials, Inc. headquartered in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, where he was responsible for product portfolio management, strategic planning and new business development. Prior to that, he spent 9 years at Intel as a Staff Research Engineer and 3 years at Honeywell Electronic Materials as marketing manager.

At both Honeywell Electronic Materials and Avantor Performance Materials, Dr. Flanigan managed teams responsible for ramping new materials for use in advanced semiconductor processes and enabling suppliers to meet sub-22nm requirements.  This was accomplished while maintaining the product portfolio in good health with respect to overall delivered quality and the raw materials supply chain.

With extensive experience optimizing high-performance advanced manufacturing operations that support the world’s top semiconductor manufacturing operations, Dr. Flanigan offers Linx clients valuable insight on how big suppliers operate with Intel and each other. 

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