Post CMP Cleaning Conference

The cleaning of wafers after CMP is a special case in the area of wafer cleaning technologies. Not only are particles intentionally introduced into the process, the environment at the wafer surface is tightly controlled during and after the cleaning process. Additionally, the surface of the wafer is non-homogeneous and highly reactive, and the surface chemistry must be controlled as the clean surface is dried. Any cleaning process is likely to be carried out with the same cycle time as the CMP process, adding further technical constraints.

The Post CMP Cleaning Conference was designed to be a complementary conference to the Surface Preparation and Cleaning Conference, where invited speakers reviewed process trends, material developments, and equipment innovation in the specialized area of post CMP cleaning.


The conference consisted of three primary sessions:

Session 1: Market Trends
Session 2: Materials & Process Trends
Session 3: Equipment & Process Trends

Post CMP Cleaning Conference — Monday, March 27, 2017
8:00 am – 10:00 am: Registration and Networking

Session 1:Market Trends

10:00 AM: Introductions, Welcome, Conference Overview — Mark Thirsk
10:15 AM: KEYNOTE: Chemical/Mechanical Balance Management through Pad Microstructure in Si CMP — Hong Jin Kim, GlobalFoundries
11:30 AM: Post CMP Surface Preparation in sub 10nm Devices — JinGoo Park, Han Yang University

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: LUNCH — Location: Tejas Restaurant

Session 2: Materials & Process Trends

1:00 PM: Challenges and Mechanistic Aspects for Advanced Post CMP Cleaners — Michael White, Entegris
1:30 PM: Enabling Low Defectivity Solutions Through Co-Development of CMP Slurries and Cleaning Solutions for Cobalt Interconnect Applications — Dnyanesh Tamboli, Versum Materials
2:00 PM: CMP Defects and Evolution of PCMP Cleans — Iqbal Ali, Linx Consulting
2:30 PM: CMP Stack Treck — Viorel Balan – CEA

3:00 PM – 3:30 PM: COFFEE — Location: Terrace

Session 3: Equipment & Process Trends

3:30 PM: High Shear Force Chemical Mechanic Cleaning for CMP Defect Reduction — Ekaterina Mikhaylichenko, Applied Materials
4:00 PM: Development of PCMP Cleaner for bothTungsten and Cobalt Applications — Cass Shang, DuPont EKC Technology
4:30 PM: CMP Technological Paradigm Shift To Surface Cleaning, Ratanak Yim – CEA

5:00 PM – 6:30 PM NETWORKING — Location: Courtyard Terrace

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