Mask Market Analysis

Mask Market Analysis

The mask industry is a critical link in the semiconductor supply chain. Masks allow products that are designed as electronic virtual data to transition into the physical world of wafer manufacturing.

While some aspects of mask production are similar to wafer processing there are many critical differences that have implications to cost and supply chain.

Masks ‘lock-in’ a known quantity of the design data with characterized and inspected features of known size, location, and quality. This can then be transferred to wafers in a cost effective way using lithography.

The economics of mask fabrication is complicated by the small number of suppliers, the specialized equipment required, and a unique customer/supplier relationship.

This report includes an overview of key mask process steps, and unique business interactions to provide a clear understanding of the specialized characteristics of the mask fabrication process and supply chain. The complex interaction between mask suppliers and wafer fabs, and the varied approaches for mask supply employed by the industry are described in this report.

A business overview and 5 year demand forecast is included. Key changes in the product landscape and supplier interactions are described.

Report Contents

  • Mask and Lithography Fundamentals
  • Mask Making Process
  • Mask Costs Overview
  • EUV Mask Fabrication Cost
  • Mask Sources and Supply Chains
  • Cost/Price analysis
  • Mask Supplier Overview
  • Mask Fabrication – Sourcing and Supply
  • Mask Fabrication Supply Chain
  • Mask Market Overview
  • EUV Mask Fabrication
  • Forecasts and Supplier Shares
  • Mask Demand Forecast Models
  • Trends and Challenges
  • EUV Forecast and Outlook
  • Summary