Advanced Cleaning and Surface Prep

 Advanced Cleaning & Surface Preparation: Technologies and Markets, 2018—2022

Effective cleaning has been pivotal to the evolution of the semiconductor industry. Improvements in materials for removing contaminants and residues from earlier process steps have led to higher yields and enabled new integration schemes.

Cleaning and stripping are the most common operations in IC manufacturing. The challenges in preparing the wafer surface for the subsequent process steps have increased significantly, driven by materials changes, critical defect size and the increasing use of high aspect ratio features.

The seventh edition of Advanced Cleaning & Surface Preparation: Technologies and Markets, 2018—2022

New areas to be covered in this edition include:

  • Cobalt PCMP cleans
  • Co PERR
  • Ceria PCMP cleans
  • W PCMP cleans
  • Other PCMP

Total Cleaning Chemicals Market

Report Contents

1. Executive Summary
  • 2018—2022 consumption of materials
  • Growth rates by cleaning technology
2. Methodology and Background
3. Forecast Drivers
  • Segmentation by device type
  • Map unit operations by device type
4. Technology Evolution
  • Wafer Fab Processes
  • Technology trends by device type
    • ASIC, DRAM, NAND, etc.
  • Cleaning Chemical Review
5. Forecasts
  • Wet and formulated chemical volume demand and market, 2018—2022
  • Formulated Cleans
  • Post Etch Residue Removers
    • Copper
    • Cobalt
    • Tungsten
    • Ceria
  • Critical Cleans
  • Solvents
6. Supplier Analysis
  • 2017 supplier share by application
  • Company Review
  • Supplier Global Footprint
  • Supply Chain Trends